Our projects are the best proof of our expertise


portal dominion capitalarrow

Comprehensive CRM system for optimizing internal processes of the organization for providing loans in the United States of America.


Portraits of honorarrow

Holocaust Survivors from Michigan is an interactive educational exhibit of the Program for Holocaust Survivors and their Families.



CRM system for Gu Loans, which provides loan services for various types of businesses.


The Oleh Budget Calculatorarrow

Development of an application for calculating and analyzing the cost of living, including transportation expenses, with dynamic visualization features and integration of real-time data.


Benefits of Ruby on Rails

SPEED of implementation

Ruby on Rails allows us to significantly speed up the development process and turn ideas into functioning products, thanks to ready-made solutions for many tasks combined with our flexible methodologies, enabling us to launch your project faster than ever

Database support

Supports integration with widely-used database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others, making it a versatile development solution

Flexible Source Code

The framework allows for code customization to meet your needs. It adapts flexibly to various types of applications required by businesses

Our Approach to Work


Effective Management

We use a version control system (Git) and provide access to our repository on platforms like GitHub or GitLab upon client request


Transparency in Work

Using CI, Capistrano, and continuous deployment to a staging server keeps you fully informed about your project's development process


Code Coverage for Projects

We ensure complete code coverage of our projects with automated tests using Rspec, Capybara, and Factorybot


Monitoring and Optimization

We perform error monitoring and resolution using Sentry and carry out performance monitoring and optimization using New Relic

about our company

Future Markt is a digital agency that was founded in 2011. We create decentralized applications and their interfaces, develop UX/UI designs, and marketing strategies to promote projects online

15 years with Ruby on Rails

Since 2009, we have been actively developing projects on Ruby on Rails, continuously expanding our experience and expertise

58 projects with RoR

We have accumulated significant experience in developing web applications, enabling us to launch your project with minimal risks and errors

Complex tasks made easy

We solve tasks of any complexity, including API development, large web application development, integration with external systems, and more


Have an idea?

Tell us about it, and we'll bring it to life with Ruby on Rails